Refrigerdating : New Dating App With Awesome Features

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Refrigerdating Dating apps can be a tricky place and often people might feel a little lost trying to find a perfect match. After all, not all give proper bios or real photos on Tinder, right? And even if it all goes fine on the cyberspace, it might not go well while meeting in person especially over the food or choice of restaurant. So, now there is an app that matches you based on your food preferences!

Haven’t we wondered often why doesn’t service like Zomato double up as dating platform so we find like-minded foodies? Well, it’s now a reality. Samsung has launched a special app that provides a platform for people to share photos of what’s in their refrigerator and voila, you can find your perfect match.



Called ‘Refridgerdating’, the app allows one to monitor and see inside their fridge via their smartphone as it takes a photo of the shelves inside the fridge and shares it to the social media platform for Samsung’s smart-fridge owners also known as ‘Family Hub smart fridges’. Users can then swipe right or left based on the contents of someone else’s food preferences.

What lies inside your fridge can give out more than you think. While Green-leafy vegetables and fruits and juices might suggest you have a healthy eating habit, a refrigerator stored with pastries, chocolates and cold pizza might suggest otherwise.


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